About me

I grew up in a large family in Unterägeri, Switzerland. Our family life is beautifully portrayed by my sister Lisbeth in the book “Von Götterspeisen, Katzenmakis und grünen Latzhosen” (with photos, available at BoD or in book shops). I went to high school in Zug with specialisation in mathematics and physics, and as a high-schooler (see photo), I was already trying to understand prime numbers. However, I studied landscape architecture and not mathematics. Perhaps because our maths teacher was always too busy taking care of his garden instead of correcting our exam papers… Garden design deepened my understanding of the order and beauty of nature and allowed me also to experience a new form of mathematics. After some freelance work as a landscape architect, many other parts of life in other areas followed (see XING). I have been working part-time for Changemaker for around five years, and also occupy myself with prime numbers.

Photo (photographer Karin Heer)